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The milling machine on a stone ARCHIMEDES D120
  • The milling machine on a stone ARCHIMEDES D120

The milling machine on a stone ARCHIMEDES D120

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Country of manufacture:Russia

The milling machine on a stone ARCHIMEDES of D120 is a modern machine for the 3 a coordinate obrabokta of a stone. The machine processes granite and marble and apply mainly to receiving from a stone of volume forms, such as bas-reliefs, an art carving, sculptural compositions, etc.

The machine has a working zone of processing of 1200х2000 mm in size and height of 400 mm, ARCHIMEDES, and respectively "gold the middle", allowing to cover all popular sizes of monuments is an average by the size of a working zone the representative of a series of machines.

Very veryatno that the milling cutter with ChPU ARCHIMEDES of D120 which price available, and the design is developed for processing of the strongest breeds of a stone will get to the field of your sight as one of the most favorable options of acquisition.

The D120 machine has a powerful spindle for processing of a stone with a power of 3 kW which has liquid cooling both a spindle, and the tool that considerably prolongs its resource.

Technical characteristics

Zone of processing X,Y,Z, mm


Type of the processed material

Granite, marble, basalt, dolerite, etc. types of stones, and also tree, plastic and other materials.

Accuracy of processing, mm






Guides on an axis X, Y, Z

Square guides of Hiwin

The drive on an axis X, Y

Gear and rack transfer

The drive on axis Z

Hiwin Shariko-screw gear


3 kW (4,5 kW the choice at the order)

Speed of rotation of a spindle of Max, rpm


Cooling of a spindle and tool

Liquid, circulating


ER20, diameter of shafts: 3.175, 4, 6, 8, 10,12

Control system

The DSP controller with the portable panel

Case of control of the machine, mm


Supply voltage

3-phase 380 V, 50 Hz

Weight net/gross, kg



1 year

What principle of operation of the machine ARCHIMEDES D120?

To carry out processing of a stone on the machine ARCHIMEDES D120 needs to study the instruction for its work, and also to study the training materials on processing of a stone on the milling machine. The main stages which need to be passed during the work with the machine for performance of milling of a stone are given below:

  1. At the first stage there is a choice of the required model (image) for milling (the 3D model can be made most in case there is an experience in with 3D - editors, it is possible to download ready model from the Internet, it is also possible to buy ready model, or to order to make model at the designer). Any is applied to production of a 3D model 3D - the editor, for example 3DMax, by AutoCad, SolidWork, etc.
  2. The second stage is creation of the operating program for processing on the machine. For this purpose most often apply the ArtCam program, in given ON you set milling process parameters, namely - the speed, depth, a form of a mill and td and the received program of management through an USB cable or Flash-memory transfer to the machine.
  3. The third stages is directly work on the machine where you establish a stone on a table of the machine, install the tool in a spindle grip, and further by means of the control panel bring a mill in a zero point (most often it is a stone corner) and press the Start button for milling process start.

ARCHIMEDES it is possible to see the VIDEO REVIEW of the milling machine below on VIDEO



  1. The milling cutter with ChPU ARCHIMEDES D120 is specially designed for processing of strong breeds of a stone and in difference from analogs is adapted under performance of deep processing of domestic strong breeds of a stone, such as a gabbro diabase, granites, and also different types of marble (Ufalya, Polevskoy, Koyelga and dr), basalts, dolerites.
  2. Table of the machine ARCHIMEDES, to be exact his bed is made of steel, but not of aluminum that provides high quality of milling of a stone, and also thanks to rigidity and the ostustviya of considerable vibrations does a resource of operation of the tool to more long. As it is noticed by experts that lack of sufficient rigidity when milling is negative skazyvayetsyakh on the processing tool and respectively quality of milling and leads to frequent failure of the tool, and also reduces a possibility of application of powerful spindles.
  3. In a machine design ARCHIMEDES gear and rack transfers on axes H and U are established to D120 that considerably gives it reliability and durability of system when processing strong breeds of a stone, especially when considerable loadings, in difference from some analogs, the having ShVP on these axes are required.
  4. On the machine ARCHIMEDES is established a spindle not less, than 3 kW that increases processing speed, and also expands a range of the processed stones and tasks of processing.
  5. In a dopoleniye the machine ARCHIMEDES D120 can be applied to performance of wider range of tasks, namely to processing of such materials as: tree, plastic, aluminum, brass, bronze, etc.


The MIRTELS company has an extensive network of sales of milling machines ARCHIMEDES and if you wish to buy the milling machine on a stone ARCHIMEDES to D120, then you will be able to learn the actual price, having addressed in the next to you representative office of our company.

Complete with the milling machine instructions and video training in work with a stone are attached. Also you can order service of departure of the expert for carrying out training of milling of a stone at the machine ARCHIMEDES.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Availability of CNC:There is
Information is up-to-date: 17.11.2021

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