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Shock and engraving machine of Leonardo TC60120
  • Shock and engraving machine of Leonardo TC60120
  • Shock and engraving machine of Leonardo TC60120

Shock and engraving machine of Leonardo TC60120

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Country of manufacture:Russia

LEONARDO of TC60120 – the engraving device from a series of the shock and engraving equipment on a stone made by the company of Mirtels. Three devices identical on technical characteristics, differing only in the sizes of a working zone enter a series of machines. This machine average by the size of a working zone, its sizes are ciphered in the name and make 60 centimeters on 120. Such mid-size amount of processing of a working surface allows this model to be demanded among the experts working in the sphere of funeral services.

This device belongs to classical models of tablet type. The engraving device on a stone works with such types of stones as: gabbro diabase, gabbro, basalt, dolerite and others. Possibilities of use of the device are wide - it is also portraits, patterns, various texts and many other things.

The shock and engraving device "LEONARDO" TC60120 carries out an engraving the shock and engraving adaptation having a needle with a diamond tip. The working resource of this needle makes about 10 portraits, the sizes of 20 centimeters on 30.

This model of the engraving device differs from the predecessor in several modified parameters:

The improved quality of drawing the image

Absolutely new use of algorithms of statement of points for drawing the image many times increased quality of the end result by stone surfaces. Relief, a saturation, sharpness of the picture increased. The Rasterizatsionny method of drawing most brings closer to handwork of drawing the image.

The increased work speed

Drawing the image happens at the same time, but not as in the previous version, layer-by-layer. This way allows to avoid passing of the machine in the same place several times.


Speed of drawing the drawing increased owing to use of the modern chip of management, increased speed by 1,5 times. Now the portrait of 20Х30 centimeters in size is processed about 20-25 minutes.

"Clever" control system

By means of this system preparatory work over a product engraving considerably accelerates. Also the machine allows to work with loose stones, distinguishing all roughnesses and inaccuracies of an arrangement of material. Work at an angle became possible, the inclination does not influence quality of obtaining the image at all. Finally the high-quality image will always turn out during the high-speed operation of the machine.

Buying the machine at office of the company of Mirtels, you receive the free training provided by our experts, and also continued information and technical support. Our consultants will always answer the arising questions arising during engraving works on our equipment.

You can ask questions concerning acquisition of this device about phones, in the section "Contacts".

Country of manufacture:Russia
Working area:mm
Information is up-to-date: 17.11.2021

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