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Inkjet ceramic printer of Mirtels of BCC M101
  • Inkjet ceramic printer of Mirtels of BCC M101

Inkjet ceramic printer of Mirtels of BCC M101

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The inkjet ceramic printer of Mirtels M101 with system of high-precision combination of layers is intended for production of photoceramics, namely - creation of long-lasting black-and-white and color photos on enamel and photo on ceramics on monuments. This printer for ceramics, industrial production, has the special device for automatic installation of ovals and plates. This printer for ceramics has the general name – the planar printer.

The device of automatic installation of preparations on the printer for ceramics of Mirtels of M101 provides high precision of positioning that gives high image quality at the multipass press. The ceramic M101 printer has standard head cartridge which can be got in any computer shop in department of expendables.

You can install preparations of ovals in the standard device of the printer for ceramics of M101: 13kh18sm, 9kh12sm, 18kh24sm, rectangular plates 13kh18sm, 15kh20sm, 17kh23sm, 18kh24sm, and also the plate 20kh30sm (to stipulate option 20kh30sm upon purchase).

The following equipment for technology of photoceramics is necessary:

1. The ceramic printer creating sticky covering on surface of metal ceramics (ceramics) adhesive ink

2. The muffle furnace (0-850 C)


- ceramic paint (four colors: blue, red, yellow, black — CMYK)

- adhesive ink

The photo on enamel and photo on ceramics is implemented as follows:

1. On table of the planar printer the object of the press (the enameled oval or the rectangular plate) is established

2. On the computer we open the image, necessary for the press (the photo, landscape, picture, the text) and posylayetm on the press from the Photoshop program. In the Photoshop program there is function: to break the image into 4 colors (CMYK), we press this function and we see 4 pictures of the image, one blue, second red, third yellow, fourth black. We choose the blue picture and we send to the press.

3. The ceramic printer prints the "blue" picture the adhesive (gluing) colourless ink. The table of the printer leaves.

4. After the table has moved forward we apply blue ceramic pigment (fine powder) on the image. On those places where the printer has printed the adhesive (gluing) ink – powder sticks, there where there is no colourless adhesive ink, it does not stick. We carry out by wide brush on surface of the image and we clean the powder remains. The small remains are blown off. Now the blue pigment is precisely on those places where the printer for ceramics has printed with adhesive colourless ink. Collected powder can be reused.

5. We choose in Photoshop the next color (red) and we print from above the "red" picture adhesive colourless ink. The table of the printer leaves. We repeat procedure of point 4 for each of four flowers.

For receiving full-color photo on ceramics such operation is made 4 times.


For obtaining the black-and-white photo it is enough to apply only black color on monuments.

After have printed the fourth color, we remove object from table of the planar printer and we place it in the furnace. After achievement of temperature of 800 degrees there is diffusion of color grains of pigment in surface of glaze and we get from oven object from photo on enamel of photographic quality.

Durability of the image of photoceramics – 25-50 years.

This printer for the press on enamel has the lowest cost value in comparison with all known technologies of photoceramics

Information is up-to-date: 17.11.2021

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