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About enterprise Mirtels, OOO

The engraving equipment of the company of Mirtels which for the first time appeared in the Russian Federation market in 2003 and since then successfully expanding geography of the sales, thanks to the characteristics and price policy is in wide demand for the Belarusian buyers. And today the name of this brand is associated at many potential buyers with unique on the indicators of quality of the made products the engraving machines and inkjet ceramic printers which are constantly improved by our company.

Range of production of Mirtels

Today in the market of Belarus and other countries (already not only Europe, but also Latin America) the range of the made company of Mirtels of production turns on inkjet ceramic printers, percussions, the laser and combined engraving machines. The engraving equipment of Mirtels includes a range of the models allowing to carry out a high-quality engraving of monuments and gravestones on preparations from a wide range of rocks which are traditionally used in the former Soviet Union – facet, a gabbro, a granitopolimer, a dolerite, basalt, marble and others.

Laser machines of Mirtels which price is significantly lower than import European analogs at similar quality of an engraving for certain will interest owners of workshops on production of ritual production. And business even not in the price which is offered to be paid for this equipment, but in a combination of quality of an engraving of the picture (over 300 dpi) at a considerable speed of its performance (more than 500 mm / c).

Shock and engraving machines of Mirtels from very wide list of models issued by our company at the time of the emergence in the market were one of the best offers and still in the price category have no worthy competition. Simplicity in operation and service, high ergonomics and extent of automation, a considerable resource of work and reliability is peculiar to this equipment. With their help it is possible to carry out a high-quality and durable engraving on a wide range of rocks and some other the materials applied in production of monuments. At the same time from personnel only simple preliminary processing of the image, its transfer in memory of the machine and sending to work is required that does not demand any special preparation or considerable efforts.

The model range of printers for ceramics offered by the company of Mirtels is of interest to those buyers who count on buyers with a little smaller level of solvency or supporters of other forms of gravestone signs. Production of photos on the enameled or ceramic preparations by means of our printers turns out simple, inexpensive and differs in small labor input.

Service and information service technicians Mirtels

Pre-sale testing of all range of the realized equipment allows us to give on it a long guarantee, and information and the service which is carried out by our experts – considerably to prolong the term of its service and to provide trouble-free operation of equipment by our clients.

Any purchase of our production is followed by resident or remote instruction of operation of the gravirovochny equipment and printers for ceramics after which the service personnel will be able accurately and quickly to solve the most complex problems in this sphere. Training is provided or personally by our experts, or by studying of the training materials on a disk and answers to questions of buyers during online consultations on Skype or e-mail.

Guarantee and post warranty maintenance of all equipment of Mirtels from our catalog is carried out in representative office in Minsk.



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