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Dekolny A4-440 printer
  • Dekolny A4-440 printer

Dekolny A4-440 printer

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Country of manufacture:Russia

The Dekolny A4 - 440 printer - the representative of modern laser printers for color or black - and - white printing of the dekolny images postponed for the ceramic or enameled preparations.

Today use of photoceramics is popular and widespread in various spheres. Using this device, you will be able to make the most various photopottery for dressing of design rooms, creating big or small photopanels on a tile, and also decoration of souvenir products or ware. Laser dekolny printers were also widely adopted in the sphere of funeral services: printing of photos deceased on memorial ovals or plates.

The main feature of the considered model is the clearness and brightness of the printed picture. Color scale of the picture keeps uniformity at the press even during full filling of carriers, keeping high quality and expressiveness by transfer of colors. As expendables for this printer it will be necessary for you a ceramic toner in several flowers and special paper for laser ceramic printers.

The Dekolny A4 - 440 printer is the modern representative of the functional laser equipment, at the same time this device is very simple in work. To learn to use it you will be able in only several hours. Before printing of the image on the laser dekolny printer it is necessary to process previously it, using the AdobePhotoShop program, respectively, for independent work with the unit it will also be required to you at least the minimum possession of this or any other graphic editor. Distinctive feature of the device is high - quality printing of photos, even with poor quality or any damages of the picture, at a good preliminary retouch.

Konstruktsionno this device is reliable and durable. The printer will serve to you for many years even at constant daily working loading. Also it is possible to refer its profitability to pluses of this device: a small expense of a toner, and also low energy consumption (468 Watts in operating time, in a waiting mode of 6 Watts).

Technologically the principle of operation of the dekolny printer consists of several simple stages: the chosen photo should be modified in the graphic program before the press on the printer. The retouched picture is printed out by the laser printer on the dekolny paper having a special glossy layer with addition of special substances. Further the varnish is applied on paper with the image, for preservation of integrity of the picture at a further otmachivaniye (about 1 minute) in water and peeling of the picture from paper. Further this layer is accurately transferred to the ceramic prepared surface, and then this preparation with the image is baked in the furnace with a temperature of 800 degrees.

The model of the A4 - 440 laser printer is highly productive and prints qualitative pictures: in 60 seconds the device carries out listing of images on 30 sheets of dekolny paper which has the standard A4 format. Images keep the brightness, clearness for long years, without losing an original form even at adverse weather conditions.

The Dekolny A4 - 440 printer - favorable acquisition at the same time making high - quality images at low prime cost for the people who are engaged in photoceramic business as the device is highly productive and at the same time economic in electricity consumption, and the most important of a ceramic toner.


If you are interested in acquisition of the laser A4 - 440 dekolny printer - call to us according to the specified contact numbers or leave applications on this website.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 17.11.2021

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